You are on the edge of becoming sustainable company with some more efforts
and steps to be taken: consider your product lifecycle in the main aspects: social, economic,
environmental. Analysis and some benchmarking could me made. Over ⅓ of all microplastics in the
ocean come from synthetic textiles. In addition to contributing to air pollution, synthetic fiber
clothing items contribute to marine pollution when washed or while sitting in the landfill, as the
fabrics contain microplastics. Studies have shown these plastic fibers can be found in the stomachs of
marine animals, including seafood. In question 17 you saw the options for environmental packaging.
Packaging is better for the environment. The most influential factor for why consumers currently
select sustainable brands is that the packaging is better for the environment. This suggests that
consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental impact of packaging and are actively
choosing brands that prioritize sustainable packaging practices. By opting for brands with eco-
friendly packaging, consumers are making a conscious effort to reduce waste and minimize their
ecological footprint.