You are very close to a really sustainable business. In question 6 you can see the
Greenwashing Matrix, showing the respective levels of communication effectiveness of the messages
and channels for sustainability and the real value to the environment. If you are communicating any
product or action with environmental twist it is essential checking if you are not greenwashing it.
Take any of your company’s green slogan and answer the questions in the checklist, thus making an
insight into your current communications, slogans and clients interactions. And here some tips: Over
half of the fabrics used by fast-fashion retailers are derived from petrochemicals, which are chemical
products created using petroleum or other fossil fuels. Synthetic fibers were created by the textile
industry as a cheaper and more easily mass-produced alternative to natural fibers. Nearly 70 million
barrels of crude oil are used each year to produce the most common clothing fiber, polyester.